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These are testimonials written by our clients who are taking GLP-One Semiglutide

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Begin The Journey

Rachel G.- (current weight loss 37 pounds/goal 55) My journey was more about changing my behaviors. I had created a bad habit of eating late at night when I was home for the pandemic. I tried for over a year to stop the habit by myself, but I just kept gaining more weight. I just couldn’t stop eating at night. Semaglutide helped change that. It curbed my cravings, and even helped me eat less at each meal. That turned me around and helped me get motivated to, not only eat less, but to eat better. Now I am working on making those new behaviors permanent. I am far from prefect but when I have those bad days, I don’t turn to food anymore.

Handle the Hunger

Tom B- (current weight loss 68 pounds/goal 65 pounds) It took me a while to get out of shape and to a while to get back in too. I gained 50 pounds after I was already not happy with my weight. Semaglutide got a handle on my hunger while I got a handle on the “love handles.” That stuff put me in control of what I was eating. I just wasn’t hungry, which helped me make better food choices. Very happy with the results.

Making The Change

Chris M- (current weight loss 28 pounds/ goal 30 pounds) My girlfriend tried this and lost 50 pounds, so I thought I would try it too. I had already lost 20 pounds on my own a year ago. It was starting to come back and I hadn’t lost all the weight I wanted to a year ago. This helped me get off the pounds I put back on plus almost 30 more. I am glad she told me about it. 

Sticking With It

Jackson K (current weight loss 80 pounds/goal 80 pounds) This stuff works great for me. The first 4-6 weeks I wasn’t so sure. The scale wasn’t moving and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be carrying this extra weight for the rest of my life. Once I got to the 3rd dose increase things started to change. To took me almost 10 months but it was worth it. I feel better now.   

Creating A Better Future

Sarah D- (current weight loss 30 pounds/goal 90 pounds) I am so excited! I have tried so many things and nothing ever worked before. I have never been able to lose 30 pounds before.  I still have a long way to go but I am hopeful for the first time ever.


Before And After

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