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Balanced Mind Counseling

There has been much discussion about weight gain after stopping Semaglutide. Many have even said that you need to stay on this medication for the rest of your life if you intend to keep the weight off. That does not have to be your story. You can lose weight and then go off the medication and maintain your new weight.

Semaglutide, like all diet plans, is going to require some behavior modification to get to a maintenance level. It’s not your fault that you can’t change that behavior on your own. Our brains are programmed through years of conditioning to make us who we are. Semaglutide will help curb the signals your body is giving you (like hunger) long enough for you to attack the other things that are telling you to eat. 

Maybe you eat because you are bored….Maybe you eat because you are stressed… Maybe you eat because you are having craving, you are anxious, depressed, or just in a programmed routine. By addressing the root cause of your eating patterns, when they are not combated with hunger, you can make some adjustments in thought processes that will help you keep the weight off after you discontinue medication.


 GLP-1 operates with Dietitians, Diet Coaches and bona fide Mental health professionals to give you the support you need. This care is optional, but available if you feel it would be helpful to you. Sometimes, getting to the root of a weight problem means bringing up (and fixing) some other things. Studies have shown that many weight problems develop from bona fide Eating Disorders, or unresolved trauma. Sometimes overeating comes from mismanaged stress in your life. Stress increases the hormone Cortisol, and Cortisol stimulates your appetite, and you eat more than you need.  If that is you, we can help! 

While counseling services are not included in our weight loss programs, many times we can get all or part of your counseling sessions covered by health insurance. We have several therapists to choose from. 


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